Mudbox Updates With Dynamic Tessellation, And It’s Remarkable

Mudbox 2018.2 Update Adds Dynamic Tessellation, Freeing Up Artists to Just Sculpt

Autodesk’s Mudbox used to be the go-to application for 3D sculpting, but in recent years it seems neglected. The latest update changes all that! Dynamic Tessellation lets you create without worrying about having high resolution mesh files which makes creating easier on your computer system as well because they won’t get bogged down by large models like before when people had lots of detail with polycounts close together or just were using low quality maps instead (since there was no need).
“It’s interesting how one change can have such profound effects.”

The feature is set to make work as painless and easy for users as possible. Dynamic tessellation doesn’t require the user to mess with any of its settings, just brush based modeling that happens automatically once you start using it! 3D-Coat has similar tools such as Live Clay where artists can sculpt around their model in real time without having worry about missing bones or polygons when adding details later on down the line

What if your Mudbox sculpting tools could tessellate and automatically add detail as you go?

In the past, to add more polygonal resolution in Mudbox users had two options: subdivide or start out with a base mesh. The new solution allows you create incredibly detailed models by using simple primitives such as planes and spheres!

Mudbox also has some other features of note:

  • Resize brush size and strength from a zero value by using MMB-drag
  • Grab Tool Ctrl to grab surface using the normal direction
  • Tooltips have been improvedHigh-DPI monitor support
  • Custom Edge Bleed setting for each Texture Map Extraction operation
  • Paint Brush Gamma Correct Blending option for linear color blending
  • General workflow improvements; i.e.