New After Effects Script Imports Low Poly 3d Models Without Any Plugins

Low Poly OBJ Importer allows you to import 3D models in low polygon count. It’s perfect for those who love the look of old-school computer graphics or illustrations!

The script was created by Oleg Yarko and allows you to import 3D models from any application into After Effects. It essentially will allow for the easy access of these files in an organized fashion, without having a plugin installed on your computer – there’s no need!

The script will import OBJ models from any 3D application. It works best with low polygonal model, as the after effects composition is broken into individual layers that each represent a separate object in your scene!

The Low Poly OBJ Importer lets you change the model’s color and edges before importing or converting it. It also enables simple shader effects like transparency, giving users more creative control in their designs!

3D models are created by adding layers of 3D objects, which you can customize in any way to your liking. For example if the model has many complicated shapes it will take more time for AE’s computer system to process its elements before rendering out onto screen – depending on what kind processor/graphics card combo our clients have at home these days!

Low Poly OBJ Importer Availability and Pricing

New in After Effects CS6, the Low Poly OBJ Importer is available for $21.00 through VideoHive and can be purchased here! This new tool will let you import models from files that use only basic materials such as triangles or quadrilaterals to create more detailed models with less polygons per object; perfect if your project needs some variety but still has an image realistic look at heart (in other words: those imperfections are part of what make things interesting). Check out this script on using it today – https://www2accordancerscriptscom/lowpolyobjimport.