New Cavalry Includes A Physics Engine And Also Comes In A Free Starter Version

The Scene Group releases a new version of Cavalry, with 60 new features, including a physics engine and a free version.

Innovation is coming in two forms: tools and workflow. Cavalry has been innovating with both of those as far as it can go – such as the latest release for Scene Group’s Cavalry, which provides powerful motion graphics and 2D animation capabilities that are perfect for modern workflows!

Cavalry 1.2 has over 60 new features, including a complete 2D physics engine and forge dynamics! The team removed the watermark so you can get your hands on it for free at without any credit card needed–forever.




Cavalry, a revolutionary animation software that has been transforming how professionals and artists work with 2D graphics for more than two decades. Now UK-based Scene Group have unveiled their latest upgrade – Cavalry 1.2 – completely free! This upgraded edition offers an entirely unparalleled experience in terms of features as it becomes the world’s most advanced yet feature rich free package available on any platform today
Innovative since its launch 2020 ,

Cavalry is a unique and revolutionary software that has made it easier than ever to solve problems when creating animations. The team behind Cavalry, which includes designers from across many disciplines such as online video games or film production services like ILM’s visual effects unit in London, found themselves working on similar tasks simultaneously–and realized they could save time by building one program rather than two separate programs for each type of work needed; but what really makes their product stand apart? You can even use this powerful tool if you don’t have any programming experience whatsoever!

Replenish your social currency by accessing the Cavalry Starter for free forever.

Following a £600,000 investment earlier this year and an invitation-only trial period that ran through June of 2017, it was announced today that users can access all functionality from within their browser without having to create or log into any accounts with no limits on usage as long as they’re over 18 years old!

Notable changes include:

  • The removal of the watermark.
  • Giving users access to Cavalry’s deep feature set, including Drawing Tools.
  • Duplicator.
  • Rig Control.
  • Rubber Hose.
  • Cel Animation entirely for free.

Cavalry is proud to announce a ground-breaking update that removes the barrier for everyone, from hobbyists and students to professional designers. Alongside this great news Cavalr’s resolution cap has also been increased up 1920 x 1080 pixels ensuring users can create content on an even wider array of platforms!

Cavalry is the newest software on the market and it’s one of fastest around. It can be used by anyone, even if they don’t have any experience in 3D animation before! Cavalary has all sorts of features that make life easier for people like us – professional animators with deadlines looming over our heads at home or work alike.

First launched in August 2020 when there weren’t many other products out there doing what we wanted ours could do; provide users power & flexibility without sacrificing ease-of use (not having to deal directly w/technical complexity). The product doesn.

Cavalry’s innovative features have made it the defacto animation software of choice for many professionals across industries. The pioneering team behind Cavalry has continuously pushed boundaries, with truly original tools that remain at their core – traditional techniques as well as cutting edge technology such as 3D scanning and motion capture programs allow them to push forward in any direction they choose; all without sacrificing quality or experience!.

Cavalry 1.2 has been created to ensure that everyone can access and benefit from the software, regardless of their level or experience in 3D design modeling workflows. The Professional version costs just £16 per month for professionals who want more features like Lottie export options when exporting models made with Cavalry’s superpowered rendering engine – without any need for additional plugins!

Speaking on the launch of Cavalry 1.2, Chris Hardcastle, CEO at Scene Group, commented: 

“Since Cavalry’s launch last year, we’ve been blown away by the variety and quality of work being produced by our growing community of animators and designers. 

Cavalry’s 2d animation software has been a favorite among professional animators, students and hobbyists alike. The release of Cavalary 4 is exciting because it expands creative possibilities for those who want the best in class tools without having to pay inflated licensing fees or sacrifice quality by going DIY with undocumented features that only get outdated over time as new innovation happens elsewhere on top of what was done originally.
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Cavalry 1.2 is available now; sign up for free here:

About Scene Group:

Scene was founded in the UK and born out of internationally renowned motion design studio Mainframe ( Its mission is to create tools that empower animators, allowing them for their best work not only with 3D rendering but also 2D animation programs like Maya or PhotoshopCC.