New Free Pyside2 For Maya Series

Chris Zurbrigg Starts up a New Series Explores QT5 and PySide2 for Maya in Detail

Chris Zurbrigg is a software developer who has been working in the industry for over 10 years. He’s known primarily as an artist, but he also offers technical assistance to other professionals through his company “Blue Pencil”. The latest projectChris designed was called Keyframe Player; it provides high level overviews on how various pieces of PySide2 work with Maya software such as tracking nodes and graph editors among others! In addition he creates tools like Charcoal Editor which helps creators develop their pipeline quicker by providing easy access from within one tool instead multiple programs

If you want to learn Python for Maya, Chris has an extensive tutorial series that covers the basics of programming with his easy-to follow step by step lessons. You’ll even get tips and tricks from a professional in this field so it won’t be hard!

Zurbrigg’s new series is an intermediate one that goes into the details of learning how to work with QT and PySide2, which are used by professionals working in Maya. The first video provides an overview for those who don’t use these tools already but want some insights on what they can do- it also tells viewers about goals coming up after this initial introduction as well all necessary software needed (e.g., Qt or pyside).

Visit the page for Zurbrigg’s PySide2 for Maya series for the rest of the videos.