New Howdini 101 Helps Beginners Master Houdini

Discover Tim van Helsdingen’s latest course to master Houdini with over 20 hours of training.

Houdini is a powerful and versatile 3D app that’s never been more accessible. Now you can get started with Tim van Helsdingen’s new fundamentals course, which will teach all of the basics to help your journey in this procedural powerhouse!

Howdini 101

This course will show you how to apply that knowledge with ease. You’ll learn Houdini’s most fundamental secrets and techniques, including the logic behind its many toolsets- all in 20 hours worth of video lessons!

The ultimate guide for beginners and experts alike, this course is the perfect way to get started in Houdini. With no previous experience necessary (and even a little 3D know-how), you can start learning immediately with Novice level projects that slowly ramp up as we progress through more advanced material together over 20 hours of instructional content!. The best toolbox on Earth.

Check out Howdini 101 to learn more.