New Moho Adds Quad Meshes, Wind Dynamics, And More

Moho 13.5 adds new ways to handle foreshortening in 3D models, such as wind dynamics and quad meshes that will allow you see what it’s like at different distances from an object when viewing them up close or far away.

Moho has been giving us a break with its recent release. The software went back to the original developer, Lost Marble Studios who are already hard at work on some new features for Moho including Vitruvian bones and quad mesh deformations! Finally there’s another simulation option which can add wind dynamics in scenes as well.

Watch out world; we’ve got something special coming your way soon enough…

Vitruvian Bones.

Vitruvian bones allow you to set up a puppet rig for animating foreshortening and other complex actions. “Inspired by Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, the V-Bone system lets your character have alternate heads with their own controllers – like having one arm in different perspectives or walking on two feet instead of four.”

Wind Dynamics.

Moho’s new wind dynamics engine makes it easy to create realistic motion and forces that sway characters, clothes or hair in the breeze. There are also lots of options for creating waving flags!

Quad Meshes.

Moho 13.5 enhances your creativity with an interactive, real-time animation that lets you create artwork in true perspective just by attaching a four points shape or combining triangles and quads! You can also move 3D characters around on grids for more dynamic results. Moho has released the exciting new update – moho1355

Moho is a fantastic interface for musicians and audio producers. It comes in Pro versions, as well as the lower-cost Debut version which you can learn more about at Lost Marble here!