New Plugin Takes Automatic Snapshots Of Maya Perspective View

Auto Snapshot plugin for Maya is a program that can quickly take snapshots of 9 different renders from the perspective viewport.

Nemanja Stojanovic, a Software Engineer at Autodesk has recently released an interesting plugin for Maya that automatically takes pictures of the viewport each time it stops moving. The Auto Snapshot Tool makes snapshot photos every time you stop changing your perspective in any way!

Auto Snapshot is a program that offers nine different rendering modes. These include original, grayscale, cartoon (color) and gray versions of the image as well as normal map for more intense colors or tones depending on your preference;

Pencil Sketch which allows you to create sketches of an object before importing them into another app like Photoshop so they can be used directly in 3D modeling software instead i sketch Mode 2); Edges warms up cools down certain areas within it’s own parameters allowing us see exactly where those warm spots are located while we’re viewing our model from all angles.

“The idea is based on the fact that viewports have been getting better and smoother. There’s no need to wait for rendering,” says Stojanovic, “basic uses would be doing a lot of presentations or generating sprites in games from 3D models quickly.”
“Another 8 renders were made just because I had some spare time,” she mentions with an endearing smile which can’t help but remind me how awesome life feels when you’re not caught up trying too hard! The cartoon style might make it easier than ever before though-perhaps we’ll see more people using this type after all?

The Plug-in is built and tested for Maya 2018, and you can learn more about it here.