New Tool Generates Teeth And Gums For Characters In Maya

Mr. Dentist is a procedural and art-directable teeth and gums creation tool for characters.

The new Mr Dentist procedural teeth and gums generator for Maya has just been released. This tool will help you create the perfect set of pearly whites in record time, without compromising on quality or creativity!

Art-Directable Teeth and Gums.

Denture-making with the Mr Dentist is quick and easy. The tools can save you time on production, especially when working for a lot of creators or characters! With many different types to choose from like humans, mythical creatures like orcs & zombies; wild animals – there’s one that will fit any project need here at this dentist office..

It instantly creates Teethsets in your desired shape/size which are topologically correct as well as having UV coordinates ready so they look good once applied onto models faces.