Newgrowth Is An Interactive Tree Drawing Add-on For Blender

Michel J. Anders is a well-known green architect who shares his new add-on, NewGrowth that lets you draw trees with brush to save time and energy during project planning sessions in the design phase of your projects!

With the help of these three addons, you can now create your very own natural vegetation in no time. One option that always comes to mind is Sapling for creating trees outgrowths just how they are drawn! Another great one may be NewGrowth created by Michel J Anders who put many months into his work with blender tree brush strokes tool too- perfect if what we want looks exactly like something else or even himself!

You can easily direct the growth of twigs and let them grow into branches. NewGrowth lets you prune existing branches with complete control over how much character is in each tree, so it’s easy for anyone to create their very own unique look! Once a tree has been created many aspects such as overall thickness or number tiny twiglets are parameterized which makes for an endlessly customizable creation that cannot be duplicated by another person at any point after saving; no matter what kind if beast we were trying out today; we’ll always have our personal touch when creating models like these because there’s nothing else quite like ours.

NewGrowth Interactive Trees Addon is available from the BlenderMarket.