Nitroblast 2 Rewritten From The Ground Up

The new and improved NitroBlast, which has been rewritten from the ground up to be faster than ever. This plugin will allow you more control over your animations with ease!

NitroBlast 2 Details

With the power to simulate impacts, AutoBreak gives you a complete and automatic fracture for any object. It handles pretty much everything โ€“ all that is left up to you as an engineer or designer are your creativity levels!

DeepBreak is a new feature in cinema 4d which allows you to break an object initially, and then have the pieces split apart again when they collide with each other. You can also select how many levels of destruction there are for this process by going down into settings so that your end result will be much more realistic than if someone simply rams something hard against another surface without any prior damage done!

NitroBlast 2 not only offers the most realistic shattered glass effect but it also has a NoiseBreak feature that produces natural looking fractures with random and meandering lines.

In the videos below, you’ll learn about what to expect from NitroBlast 2. You can also check out their website for more information!

Availability and Pricing

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