Nitroboxtool Makes Hard Surface Modeling Faster In Cinema 4D

Nitro4D Releases NitroBoxTool, a modeling powerhouse for hard surface tasks in C4D.

Nitro4D has a new plugin for Cinema 4D that lives up to the “Nitro” name. NitroBoxTool is an intuitive way of making complex shapes quickly, and it also lets you carve them out with ease using only 2d widgets in your scene!

The plugin also lets users control a corner rounding radius, and includes an instant button for adding bevels to model edges. You can add or remove material from your scene almost immediately with this powerful tool that has all aspects of what’s happening including color & materials!

NitroBoxTool is now available for around $45.00 and it works with C4D R15 or higher (not including the dome, lite or student versions). Visit Nitro4d to learn more!