Nitrovertex Ambient Occlusion To Vertex Map Mode

NitroVertex is a new plugin from Nitro4D that will make your life easier. You can paint, use effectors or bake vertex maps easily with this tool and if you haven’t seen what it’s all about check out my previous post which shows how to use the plugin for various workflows! The latest feature added was Ambient Occlusion baked into an object’ s shape so they don’t have take up space but still look realistic when rendered at higher resolutions as well as being able do it automatically by clicking on only one button .

The NitroVertex plugin can make texturing objects in Cinema 4D more effective. It allows you to mix and show shaders through the map, which is helpful when using Ambient Occlusion on your models or scenes’ surfaces. The interface of this new development from Nitrous Oxide will be released soon but they have not provided an exact release date yet – keep watching their site for updates!