Nomad Vs. Forger, Which Comes Out On Top?

Glen Southern discusses the pros and cons behind the two powerhouse tablet sculpting apps.

Octane and Redshift were the original tools for Lightroom. Nowadays, with Nomad Sculpt and Forger there are more options to choose from!

The differences between Photoshop and Illustrator are great, but there’s one thing they both have in common: the power to create. Whether you’re an artist looking for something new or just need some help with your graphics package, these programs will provide all necessary tools that can take your work up another notch – especially if said program is called “Illustrator.”

The similarities lie within their abilities; while PS has more features like watercolor paint mode (which allows users complete control) vs IG having limited colors available at once when painting over other objects on screen–the end result still translates beautifully thanks given how well-engineered each app was built aesthetically!

There are so many iPad sculpting apps out there, but which one should you download? This is the question I get asked every day. Well now it’s time for an answer! There might be some good reasons why people ask me this all of sudden…

Maxon is now one of the most well-known software creators in the industry, with their 3D sculpting program becoming an invaluable tool for artists everywhere. Southern says that “3d sculpting technology has changed so much over recent years and there are new apps on every platform coming soon!”