Nudge Lets You Move Key And Layers In Ae As A Group

Element Supply Co.’s new Nudge tool for After Effects is something we’ve all been waiting for.

With Element Supply Co.’s new Nudge tool, you can nudge both keyframes and layers in a After Effects composition. This means that if something is off-kilter with your video or animation graphics then there’s no need to worry because the program lets even more options for fixing it than before!

Nudge is a script panel for After Effects that not only copies and moves selected layers, but can also be instructed to move certain keyframes together. This makes it easy to retime an entire composition in order without having different versions with varying tempos or timing—especially handy when you have one layer on which all other keys are dependent.

You don’t even need the same amount of time between them! If your footage isn’t exactly perfect while still needing minor adjustments like this small extra bit here-or there (human error happens), then Nudging comes really helpful because no matter how much we humans may think our work over before finally pressing “send,” mistakes always happen eventually during playback later.

Get Nudge for After Effects

Nudge has an introductory price of only $10 until April 5th; get your copy from Element Supply Co. here.