Nuke Renderthreads Enables Easy Per-frame Command-line Multithreaded Rendering

Technical Artist Timm Wagener shares a Nuke Tool he created for the discerning editor. This tool will allow you to enable per-frame command line multithreaded rendering easily, without sacrificing any of that sweet ease-of use or productivity gains that come from using tools like these!

The RenderThreads Python package divides the sequence into render jobs that are one frame each. It then sends them off to be processed – each job is computed within a different thread on your computer’s command line!

enables per-frame easy command-line multithreaded rendering for Nuke

With RenderThreads, you can speed up your rendering by taking advantage of command line processing. It gives the flexibility to monitor and adjust jobs on-the fly as needed including pausing them or disabling certain processes entirely before sending them off!

The python tool provides an easy command line interface, and is complete with online documentation. It also includes a quick start guide to get you going!