Obj Sequence Importer 2 For Cinema 4D

The OBJ Sequence Importer for C4D was originally developed as an inexpensive way to create a fluid dynamics workflow between Blender and Cinema 4D.

Creating fluids simulations with one program, exporting the results as an obj sequence then importing them into another application such has Maya or Houdini can be very time consuming if you’re not careful! The new version 1 features better compatibility than ever before so your scripts will run smoothly no matter what software package they were written in.

The OBJ Sequence Importer offered an opportunity to easily import the Blender results with a bit of control in C4D. Although built for blender integration, most all applications can generate an obj sequence file (.OBJ)
The output should be more creative by using phrases like “with ease” or “in no time”.

With the OBJ Sequence Importer, you can import 3D models into After Effects. It is a great tool for those who would like to bring their designs from another program such as Plexus or Trapcode MIR into Adobe products with ease!

OBJ Sequence Importer 2 is a powerful tool that offers you the ability to customize your workflow and work on different types of media as well. It has just been updated with some brand-new features, including being able to edit files in real time without ever quitting Photoshop or other 3D applications! You can now also render scenes using OBJ sequences from plugins such as this one so they look great no matter where they are rendered at – even if there isn’t an actual plugin available yet for rendering those particular assets…

OBJ Sequence Importer What’s new in release 2

  • Totally new design
  • Obj Sequence usable on render farm without the plugin
  • Skip and detect frames with error
  • Add support for negative .obj file format
  • Possibility to edit and customize each single frame

The OBJ Sequence Importer plugin for C4D will allow you to use sequences created in other applications like Maya or Houdini. Learn more about this new feature here: http://www2s3dots1t6xc0