Octane for Blender // Octane, E-Cycles or Cycles, which one should I use?!


By Alex Pearce

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Octane is the best choice for those who want to create high-quality animations with their 3D models. It’s also great if you need features like physically based rendering, unbiased Fur shading and subdivision surface approximation that are not available in other engines such as Cycles or E-Cycle which makes it more desirable than them since these options will only be availbale when using a new version of Blender.

You can find E-Cycles here:

Edit: E-Cycles is full price the first time you buy it, but each year after that, you get it 1/2 off.

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In this video, hopefully, I can give you some insight into the pros and cons of each of these render engines, and give some direction on what might be the best for you.

There is no one size fits all option, and you will likely end up using a combination of render engines, based on what you need to do.

00:00 – INTRO

02:19 – Reason to use E-Cycles | Fast and Easy to use
03:13 – Only reason to not use E-Cycles | Cost
05:03 – E-Cycles quick overview

07:04 – Reason #1 | Free and Easy to use
07:46 – Reason #2 | If you need the latest version of Blender
08:10 – Reason #3 | If you don’t have an Nvidia GPU
08:35 – Reason #4 | If render speeds don’t matter
09:01 – Reason #5 | If you don’t render animation often
10:16 – Reason #6 | If you need a PBR export workflow (for example if you need to export to game Engine or Web).
10:59 – Reason #7 | Easier to learn and get information than Octane

12:21 – Reason #1 | You are already familiar with Octane
12:41 – Reason #2 | You only need to render (not export)
14:22 – Reason #3 | You need to render animation
14:34 – Reason #4 | You want to bake lighting to textures
17:59 – Reason #5 | You want to render with Multiple GPUs
20:17 – Reason #6 | More advanced Render features
21:41 – Reason #7 | More advanced Render engine

23:15 – OUTRO

Octane for Blender link