Offline Renderer For Unity Captures Scenes To Multi-channel Exr

“If you’ve been struggling with traditional post-production methods, then this tool may be just what your tired minds have been looking for. The VFX boutique “You Can Do It!” has created a plugin that allows users to bring scenes from Unity into their pipeline using the Offline Renderer and other compositing software.”

The offline renderer that was just released is a game changer. It not only supports the final image, but also common render elements such as depth, per-light shadows and diffuse with nine in all!

Offline Render is an easy to use, realtime capture plugin for Unity.

Talking about the future of real-time graphics, Unity is a powerful tool for rendering. It offers an offline renderer that can be used in post production or VFX pipelines to offer great possibilities with visuals from your latest project. One thing you may not already know about this game engine though? They have their own 3D art available on campus!

The Nyx Framework is a tool that allows communication between 3ds max and after effects. YCDI VFX has developed an offline renderer for Unity, which will be their next endeavor!

Offline Renderer features:

  • multi-channel OpenEXR output
  • setup target framerate
  • 9 out of the box render elements (Diffuse, Specular, Emission/Lighting, Reflections, Depth, Velocity, Normals, AO)


  • requires deferred rendering path
  • shadow pass only works with directional lights
  • render resolution is limited to game view
  • requires Unity 5+