Opencolorio Makes Its Way To Houdini Through Unofficial Cop2 Nodes

Out of the box, SideFX Houdini does not use OpenColorIO but there is an “unofficial” and open source implementation for a unified color management system that can be used in their compositing network.

The Houdini COP2 Nodes are the equivalent to Nuke’s OpenColorIO nodes, only for Houdini. They allow artists and designers who work in 3D rendering software like Maya or CatScan3d Pro to create custom color pickers that can be used within their projects with ease while providing more options than what is offered by default according Timm Wagener’s technical artist experience working on these tools
The output tone should remain neutral.

OCIO_Houdini is an unofficial HDK plugin for SideFX Houdini that brings equivalents to NUKEs well known OCIO nodes to Houdinis compositing network


OpenColorIO is a tool that can be used to make color correction fast and easy. With its libraries for unified environments, it offers the blueprint of consistent management across applications – meaning users won’t have different standards in which they need their colors corrected depending on what program or app you’re using at any given time.

This means one set way of correcting all your flaws with no more having to do tedious workarounds because there are too many other programs running concurrently where this would matter.

The Houdini OpenColorIO OCIO_Houdini is an alpha stage, and Timm Wagener invites people to fork the repo so that they can contribute their thoughts or bug reports.