Overlap For After Effects Creates Dynamic Overlapping Action Follow-through

Overlap is a simple tool for After Effect that will allow you to easily create and edit overlapping action. This can be used with any layer property, perfect if your project needs some dynamic overlap in order for it all work together smoothly!

Animation is a complicated art form. It’s not just about drawing or painting- it takes intricate knowledge on how each object should move and behave in order for the characters, animals, etc.. To look realistic! You may have tried doing overlapping action by hand before using After Effects? If so then keep reading because I’ll show you some different methods that will help speed up your workflow without any loss quality whatsoever!.

What are Keyframes? And why do we use them when creating overlap animation (Overlapping Motion)? Good question!. The answer lies within our next steps: ) There can be many reasons as to why someone would want their animation created through keyframe based workflows rather than others; whether they’re looking specifically at adding more detailed.

Think about the functionality you wish the Repeater in Shape Layers had…

There is nothing wrong with that at all. The problem arises when you need to make mass edits, each layer with its own keyframes and effects applied in After Effects – there are a couple different ways this can be done though! Some require a plugin while others just take some creative thinking on your behalf about how best deal out overlapping animation without slowing down using standard tools or techniques available within Adobe’s software program called “AdobeAfter Effects”.

Blast-Frame’s Kevin Burke has the perfect solution for your overlapping action in After Effects. Simply select one of the layers that will drive this process, and then all other keyframes can be edited to follow suit without any additional work on behalf o f them!

Overlap for After Effects Controls include:

  • Auto-Orient your Driver and Driven layers/shapes
  • Rename Driver – identify your Driver more easily.
  • Offset Control – separate your Driven layers/shapes from the Driver
  • Factor by Index – distributing property adjustments in your Driven layers/shapes
  • Maintain Original – keep your layers/shapes where they are and just add the Driver’s animation
  • Invert Control – Get the Driven layers/shapes to do the opposite of the Driver
  • Phase Shift – loop the Driver animation and phase-shift the Driven layer/shape (great for character arm swings!)
  • Randomize – randomize the order in which the Overlap happens
  • Index Control – reorder the order your Overlap at any time
  • Color Labels – make it easier to identify your Driver & Driven layers/shapes

Overlap is a tool for designers and marketers who need to create overlap in their work. It can be purchased from aescripts + aeplugins, priced at $39.99 See Overlap In Action or learn more about how it aids workflow by visiting the page!