Overlord Release Marks A New Era In After Effects

Overlord is a tool that lets you work more efficiently and stay organized. You can have your team use it, or if they don’t want help managing their time then Overlords Free plan will do just fine for them!

Adam Plouff and his Battle Axe Co. recently released Overlord, an extension that can bring your workflow between Adobe After Effects and Illustrator to a whole new level by allowing you greater creative freedom in the design process while still providing amazing editing capabilities for videos or animations across all platforms such as MacOS Mojave with Apple Pencil support!

After Effects is an amazing tool for creative professionals, but it can be challenging to work with the program in a way that allows you complete flexibility. The new Ae- Ai extension gives users access two panels on each side of their workspace which allows them full control over what happens when they make changes during editing sessions without having files saved at all times or needing constant conversion between different file types like Photoshop layers and Illustrator strokes–saving time while still letting designers create unique pieces by using only one application!

The Overlord is a set of two panels that, when both open in Illustrator and After Effects respectively will create an opening between the programs. This gives you access to all your files from one place while also improving efficiency because it’s easy for others on team members who are not as savvy or tech savvy users like yourself!

The new extension allows you to transfer shape layers back and forth from illustrator with the Ai’s drawing tools. It has been pretty incredible so far!

Overlord lets you:

  • transfer shapes from illustrator without files
  • edit ae shape layers in illustrator
  • explode shapes during transfer
  • editable text
  • parametric rectangle and ellipse
  • ray dynamic color support

Availability and Pricing

The Overlord extension is now available for $45.00, and it works with all recent versions of After Effects starting at CC2014! Visit Battle Axe to learn more about this great product that will help you easily create your own design in seconds without ever having any artistic skills or expertise whatsoever-it really does seem too good not be true doesn’t it?