Overview Of Pixel Cloud Relight For After Effects Creating A Pixel Cloud With Depth From A Photograph

For those of you who are the latest on the game-changing Pixel Cloud, here is some information to get started. Founded by BlurryPixel this new plugin will change post-production forever!

A Quickstart tutorial has been posted which shows how easy it can be for amateurs like me to create depth effects using low-cost DIY technology in After Effects– no expensive software required (I recommend installing these freebies anyway). There’s also another very helpful guide showing us what options there are within certain settings when working with re-lighting elements within an animation project that uses Spherical HDR tones; including position pass and normal passes respectively.

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The Pixel Cloud plugin effect for After Effects has several nifty features including the ability to relight a 3D rendered scene using separate passes. With this amazing and versatile tool, you can drastically change even more aspects than just light: mood, direction of light(s), specularity/reflections – everything! Here is an example by Ninja summarizing how we achieved some cool results with our newfound powers in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (you’ll need version 2015).