Pathanim Is A New, Robust Flexible Path Animation Tool For Maya

Brian Horgan releases a New Path Animation Tool for Maya That Gives a Fast Way to Attach Rigs to a Path

PathAnim is a revolutionary new tool that lets artists create realistic and dynamic animations with ease. It’s been designed for use in Autodesk Maya, but it can also be applied across many other software packages including Unity 3D or Arnold rendering environments to give you total creative freedom when creating your next big project!

The animation process has never looked better thanks Brian’s ingenious Path Anim Tool; now all kinds of professionals are using this innovative technology on video games like Marvel Avengers Alliance 2 (MAA2).

Brian’s goal was to make it fast and intuitive for users to attach any rig, with a number of limbs on the body control, onto an interactive path. This allowed him then animate that creature walking or running along said route!

Thebh_pathAnim can take your character from a single footed human being, to an animal with four limbs. It’s easy-to use! All you have do is create some new joints in Maya or rigging software of choice and then point them anywhere on the bone hierarchy tree that suits your needs for each animation type.

whether it be walking around normally like us humans do every day; running away as fast our little legs will carry us down hillsides while keeping one arm raised high into protection against whatever may come next (not really sure what would happen if someone did this but hey!) Or jumping up onto something way higher than where they started off at before taking flight again.