Perfect Symmetry in Blender with Mirror Modifier and Auto Mirror Plugin Blender 2.92

By Chris’ Tutorials

Making changes to your object is easier with symmetry. When you are done making adjustments on one side, be sure that they also appear across the world axis of whatever it may be – this will ensure a level consistency in all aspects until further details need attention
As an artist or designer who works regularly in 3D design software packages such as Autodesk Fusion 360®,123designs has some great tips for building models more intuitively so they can look good from every angle! One important thing he mentions early on during our discussion about modeling techniques? Having everything symmetrical around its center point because doing otherwise creates noticeable imbalance if there isn’t equal balance achieved among various parts throughout any given model.

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0:00 What to Expect
0:29 Mirror Modifier
2:49 Reflect X and Y Axis
3:37 Auto Mirror Plugin
5:41 Making Non-Symmetric Changes after Mirror Modifier