Physics Tools In Maya Is An Easy Way To Create Secondary Animation

Fans of Maya will want to check out YCDI!VFX’s new physics tools that are designed with the goal in mind. With just one click, you can easily create secondary animations for translation and rotation which makes creating complex shots much easier than before.”

VFX releases a new tool for Autodesk Maya, letting you create secondary animation with just one click or two! With Physics Tools built to function on any type of project and the ability-to work from your existing keyframes as well. YCDI!Vfx also creates Nyx Voltron -a direct link manager between After Effects and 3ds Max so all that’s left is getting started right away.

It’s not easy to create high quality motion graphics without sacrificing believability and expressiveness.

Physics Tools for Maya also features several utility-style tools that can help with animation in general. One of the more useful ones is called “Maya.”
The tool has:

  • Translation physics
  • Rotation Physics
  • Bake options
  • Offset time options
  • Euler Filter options
  • Options to bake info to locators
  • The ability to lock any object to a point in space
  • Easy to reach Constraints with offsets and without

Physics-Tools is available for Maya 2014+, Win64. You can download it at physics-tools or purchase a license through our website’s store with prices starting as low as $150!