Pixel Cloud Plugin For After Effects Sees Release

The day has finally come for Blurry Pixel’s release of their plugin to make 3D pixel clouds in After Effects. The tool uses the coordinates from a Position Pass or Depth Map, and can be viewed like any other object in space.

After many previews and videos describing features and uses on behalf of our newest product by way-of example: “The point cloud,” which precipitates into its own unique type if renderable geometry; Render layers containing that “cloud layer” onto another clip within your project file–and behold!–you’ve just created yourself one helluva powerful looking shot! There’s plenty more where this came from too so don’t hesitate whatsoever when considering what we.

With the Pixel Cloud plugin for After Effects, you can now light up your 3D graphics in a more realistic way. With powerful compositing tools like Position Pass and Normal Pass combined with various lights or cameras – including ones that are already present within Adobe Premiere Pro CC- it is possible to change how sunlight reflects off any surface anywhere!

The Pixel Cloud Plugin requires using a Position Pass Render, which assigns each pixel’s XYZ position in space as RGB color values. You are able to create Possition Passes with most 3D applications like Maya and Max by adding the Generator Shader or Point World output of an samplerInfo node respectively; additionally you can do so within Cinema 4D through its plugin called “PointPosition”.

Pixel Cloud is a digital asset management platform that makes it easier to store and organize all your assets. For just $89, you can get started with Pixel Cloud now at AEScripts – click here for more information!