Polywink’s New Facial Animation Solution For Unity

Polywink announces a new plug & play solution for live facial animation in Unity with the iPhone X.

Polywink is EISKO’s new online service for creating blend shapes and facial rigs on demand. Simply upload a model, then get up to 157 different rig options back in minutes with just one click!

Polywind has been steadily adding more features since its launch including an even faster workflow when it comes time to create your character animation or facial performances using their impressive blending tools- they also recently announced live ARKit face tracking tech which will make high quality animations possible without requiring additional hardware such as motion capture equipment if you have iPhone X handy at all times too!. Check out this recent press release below:

Polywink announces a new plug & play solution for live facial animation in Unity with the iPhone X

POLYWINK is proud to announce the release of a new automatic plug & play solution for using ARKit Remote on your iPhone X. The Unity App will allow you live, high-quality facial animations with just one click!

Polywink’s 52 automatically generated ARKit blend shapes for any 3D model, directly integrated into a Unity project in order to use the iPhone X as an intuitive facial animation tool.

“Animation for iPhone X – Option Unity” is a plug-&play service which outputs the user’s character with all ARKit shapes prebuilt. They can also use this option if they don’t want to build their own app inXcode or any other program needed on top of it, just like how you would do when making an animation through another game engine that already has its own built-in tools available for animating characters such as Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

With Animation Factory’s new “Unity Linked Plugins,” I now have access not only within my project but anywhere else where there are links between apps.

Polywink is a 3D character animation solution that allows you to create professional quality animations without the hassle. Polywitz’s Unity project and iPhone X app are ready in 24 hours, so users can start their own projects quickly!

Polywink’s website has a useful article that provides an overview of how to create facial animation in Unity with the iPhone X. It contains step-by-step tutorials on setting up and using their ARKit Remote as well as free resources available at https://www1polywick2com/blog3rdquac4/.

About Polywink

Polywink is changing the game when it comes to facial animation. With their in-house procedural technology and years of accumulated data powered by machine learning, Polywinks can complete tasks such as automatic blend shapes generation or facial rigging solutions within mere hours!

Polywinks’ automated pipeline system makes creating high quality face rigs an easy task for any animator – no longer will you have nightmares about having your own animated head suddenly detach from its body during production because they are too embarrassed ask someone else do them instead; now all that’s left are some cleanup details before sending off anything final into production where there should never really be cameos like this one here.