Post-Apocalyptic 3D Environment Tutorial and Kitbash Set

An 80-minute video tutorial and post-apocalyptic style kit-bash set, consisting of 100 fully-textured 3D models of props and assets for use in environment design. Objects are compatible with any 3D-Software package.

Download Tutorial:

Also included is an 80-minute video tutorial that covers:

  • How to import and set up the models and texture maps
  • Octane Render settings for optimal results when rendering
  • Modelling props in Maya
  • Texturing using Smart Materials in 3D-Coat

Download Tutorial:

Models Include:

  • Furniture
  • Items of clothing
  • Various boxes, discarded packages and miscellaneous junk
  • Exterior and interior walls of varying damage and decay
  • Debris
  • Foliage cards and textures
  • & many more

Download Tutorial:

*Note: Models are created with concept design as the primary purpose and as such topological integrity varies with occasional auto UVs*