Power Control ZBrush Plugin for real full screen brush toggles and more


By Artistic Squad


Power Control is a ZBrush plugin that adds these useful features:
– Toggle buttons between the most used brushes for scultpting: Clay and Clay Buildup, Move and Move Topological, and Standard and Trim Dynamic
– Customizable toggle between the two brushes that you choose
– TRUE full screen toggle, that hides everything (trays, menu and float menu), and restores all to its previous state as it was
– Buttons for toggling both trays at the same time, and toggle only left or right
– Popup interface for these functions so you can trigger it with a hotkey or a click on a button
– Toggle Sizes button with configurable sizes (predefined and custom)
– Toggle Intensity button with configurable values (predefined and custom)
– Toggle RGB Intensity button with configurable values (predefined and custom)
– Increase and decrease buttons for Size, Intensity and RGB Intensity with step dials for each one that increment or decrement those with each press
– Buttons for predefined sizes, intensities and RGB intensities
– Extra buttons for your custom UIs
– All settings are memembered next time you open ZBrush
– PDF Tutorial
– A video tutorial, that you can also find on YouTube (in our channel), but is included in our product for your future reference.

COMPATIBLE WITH: ZBrush 2019, ZBrush 2021 and up.

Credits: Music by Ahjay Stelino, song “Driving Ambition”

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