Preview Generator Creates Animated Previews In After Effects

Well, I’ll be damned! After Effects does not have any kind of ability to instantly preview the content in clips and compositions. That’s pretty surprising considering Premiere Pro has that covered just fine already with its powerful toolset for editing videos on your computer or mobile device – but then again why should we always follow what other programs do when there are always new features hiding under-the-hood which could make our lives easier without having too many external applications running?

So if you’re interested (like me) take a look at this free online service called Preview Generator; it lets users create cool animated previews before sending out their work as raw files so they can get feedback much quicker than waiting days later.

Motion Graphics Designer Alex White, creator of Preview Generator says that it’s the best GIF maker for After Effects on the market today. It can batch export and preview all your animated Gifs in one place!

Preview all presets, compositions and folder live with new After Effects script

Creating GIFs in After Effects is easy with these steps. First, you need to get the script installed and then open up your project panel for Ae projects where it’s waiting on a single click of its button – this will create previews from any number or selections in just one place! Plus all changes made are saved automatically so there isn’t anything extra that needs doing when saving time later down line.

Preview Generator is a great way to create thumbnails and preview galleries quickly. It will even allow you create an animation from existing GIF files, so your assets are easier for viewers or subscribers who want them on their social media channels!

The script has been designed by the team at After Effects – check it out here: