Procedurally Animating A Bouncing Ball In Cavalry

Chris Hardcastle shows how Cavalry’s game engine can create realistic bouncing ball animations procedurally!

Everyone in animation creates a bouncing ball. Well, now that we have Cavalry you can think of creating your animations procedurally with this tool!

Bouncing a Ball in Cavalry

Chris Hardcastle, the founder of The Scene Group and a producer for Disney Animation Studios shares his insights on how you can work with behaviors in Cavalry to create complex animations. Working procedurally like this allows us go back it after-the fact changing things if necessary!

What is Cavalry?

The Cavalry app is designed from the ground up to be a modern motion graphics tool for today’s work. It incorporates some of these advanced tools that artists already use in other programs but are laughably missing within Adobe After Effects (barring shelling out premiums with third parties).

Get Cavalry App Public Beta

It’s pretty easy. Visit the Scene Group and join in on our public beta release to find out more about Cavalry, or sign up for an invite today! You can also visit this link if you want access now before its too late – there are only a few days left 🙂 The app is free but requires macOS or Windows operating systems (and not mobile).

Have a look at some of the getting started tutorials and documentation to help get you going.