Procedurally Displace A Cobblestone Pattern With Arnold

Arvid Schneider walks through creating another procedurally sourced displacement map for Arnold Render, in order to create a standard cobblestone pattern. Displacements typically are great opportunities when working with 3D graphics because they can easily be applied and changed on the fly without having any negative impact or side-effects from one scene into another that might not work out how you want them too!

It is interesting to see Arvid work on creating the initial map for cobblestone, using alShaders’ Layering node and locking render view while ignoring all other things. He then creates some shaders specifically made for materials which are quite helpful in this process!

The Surface Database

Arvid’s new iOS app is a great reference for creating shaders. It includes real world references, as well as display of attribute values that are helpful to artists and professionals alike in their creative process
The Surface Database can be used by beginners or experienced users looking for accurate materials ready-to-use with no additional work needed!