Procedurally Modeling 3d Plants In Houdini

You might be thinking that modeling in Houdini is all about the 3D tools you’re used to. But really, it’s more like nodes and procedural generation; this may sound unfamiliar if your experience has never included these concepts before!

If you’re familiar with Side FX Houdini and want to learn more, this tutorial by Alejandro Pérez Sánchez will teach the process from beginning. He demonstrates how he builds a fern form scratch using Procedural Plant modeling techniques in Houdini as well as other 3D plants that can be made with these skillset advancements!

The Procedural Modeling in blender is a great way to get started with 3D models. If you wanted something more complex, take this link for some tutorials by Tighe Rzankowski who covers the process from start-to-finish including how create simple fence assets that can easily be expanded upon as desired!