Progress Preview Of Timing Chart For Maya Providing A Traditional Timing Chart For Maya Animators

Ron Bublitz, the CGJedi known for creating some really great animation tools that will be invaluable to any animator just released a sneak peek at something he is working on. The Timing Chart provides an innovative way of editing timing charts in Autodesk Maya and takes its classic look from iconic “Anime Checklist” sheets used by Japanese Anime directors like Hayao Miyazaki or Satoshi Kon.”

The tool is still under development, but I wanted to share what it’s capable of so far.

The Timing Chart for Maya can have different types of keys displaying on the bar, from a normal keyframe to an extreme one or storytelling mode. This is done through having buttons that are just like traditional animation timing charts but with some extra features not available in other tools such as being able highlight specific points on time lines so you don’t get lost when editing them later.

The Timing Chart Tool gives you a visual cue for the keys that are being played on your instrument. It can also add timing arcs, which will allow in-between notes as well by simply clicking where it is needed!

Timing Chart for Maya is a great way to stay organized and have an easy time with your project management.