Projection 3D Camera Mapping Script For After Effects

After Effects is a powerful tool for creating videos in many different styles. The 3D camera mapping script by Ben Rollason demonstrates how you can create stunning visuals without any difficult coding or knowledge of scripting languages like After affects CS6 has to offer. It works with imported third party match move data, so even if your footage doesn’t come from this app it’s easy enough fix using these techniques!

Projection, a new 3D mapping script for After Effects is now on sale at AEScripts! As an introduction it’s 50% off – that makes Projection only $24.99 . Get your copy today before the discount expires or go back into action tomorrow when prices jump up again 😉

Projection makes 3D camera mapping a snap in After Effects. It was created with the release of CS6’s new 3D Camera Tracker, but it can still be used to match move data from programs like Syntheyes or Boujou if you are not on an up-to date version.

Projections helps us get through our day by making navigating challenging maps simpler than ever before!