Quad Remesher A New Auto Retopo Tool For Maya Look Impressive

Exoside releases Quad Remesher for Maya, Max, and Modo.

Retopology is an essential tool for any 3D artist working with subdivision surfaces. However, it can be time-consuming when you need to retouch many objects in one scene or level of your game engine! Fortunately there are some new tools that make the process much easier and more efficient than ever before: Quad Draw (Maya), polyRemesh & Retopo commands (Max), as well as a single function available via M programming language interface.

The most important feature these apps possess may not even involve their functionality at all – but rather how quickly they cut down on tedious laborious work by automating certain tasks which would otherwise take ages without assistance.

Quad Remesher is a plugin that helps artists create vast landscapes and environments. It can be used for anything from creating topological shapes to scanning 3D models, as well as retopologizing surfaces with just the push of one button! You won’t find much documentation on this site because most has yet been written but luckily there are some amazing examples showing off all its potentials: Boolean objects scanned by it look like they were fried in butter; types turn into something beautiful… My goodness what type?
The input uses humor while still maintaining an informative tone – no easy feat!

Exoside offers flexible pricing for the plugins, with just $59.90 an indie license or even a three-month subscription at only $15/9 if you’re interested in learning more about Quad Remesher’s features before purchasing it!