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Working With Octane’s Random Color Shader And X-particles

Octane’s new random color shader is an innovative way to produce varied colors for rendering in Cinema 4D. The latest update from version 3 has some cool tweaks that you might have noticed!

Brandon Clements is the Creative Director and Artistic Producer at GlassHand Films, he has worked on projects for brands like Nike Air Jordan 2 ‘FIBA World Championships’, AETN Nashville Chanel 4th season ‘Raymondville 2028’.

Brandon walks us through how to use different types of shaders in Octane so you can give your character it’s own signature look. Then moves into X-Particles giving each particle its own unique color based off what type or element they are emitting from within the scene/ Foleystage!

Sometimes, you just need to go for a little bit of color. The Pixel Lab had a look at how Mograph’s Color Shader can generate unique colors and Ryan Snider created an ID pass that randomly generates materials in Cinema 4D!