Quickly Matching Backplate Colors In After Effects

The best way to match backplates in a composition is with the individual channels.

Matching your Matching BackPlate Colors in After Effects can be easy if you follow Dries’ quick tip. Just use the levels control and make sure everything is sitting together nicely for a cohesive look!

Just a quick tip on how to match color/atmosphere of any footage/render/image to your backplate – Dries Lambrecht

Matching BackPlate Colors

When it comes to understanding color, your eyes will deceive you. That is why hammering down a strong correction in compositions is done with plain black and white rather than the visual noise from colors across different monitors or cameras which can make matching backplates difficult if not impossible. If an individual channel has been matched correctly then monitor settings are much easier as well because there’s only one thing needed instead of multiple things!

You can change your tone of voice to be informative by using the “info” window in Photoshop. Just open up that preview screen again, select a color channel and make sure it’s set as an effect with levels adjustment applied before matching up tonal values for each separate piece you want correct!

If accuracy matters more use samples from within your picture or photoshop file itself when fixing these problems instead of eyeballing them because sometimes even though adjusting things seems like they should work at first glance something else needs to be changed too so just take note until next time.

When designing a project, it’s important to think about the colors of your products and how they will be used. For example, if you want one part of an object or event shirt that has red on it then this is not enough! Different people might see reddish hues differently which could lead them into confusion as to what color things actually are in real life.

In order to avoid any mix-ups with regard to different backplates/textures during manufacturing there must always exist some kindraphic standardization across all elements within said branding scheme – otherwise, discrepancies between items would start occurring because each piece was individually made by someone who hasn’t been properly trained from beginning up until now either: 1) Has no idea where everything goes 2) Was never given clear instructions.