Quickly Selecting Faces In Maya

Maya has a few methods for quickly selecting faces that you want to work with. From quick access and manipulation options through painting selections, if not done yet there’s more than one way using modeling tools such as the toolkit itself!

Mayas modelizing toolkit is able to select particular faces based on a set of criteria. This can go well beyond picking and tweak modes that are avilable in maya or the toolkit!

Selection constraints are a super-fast way to select faces without having care. You can set the selection by angle, boarder or edge loop in just two clicks!

Daryl shares tips on selecting polygon faces with the help of Maya’s Modeling Toolkit.

3D type is great for making your designs stand out and can be quickly animated. Daryl Obert, an Autodesk designer uses this 3d tool in his workflow because it’s quick to use with powerful features such as selection constraints that make them invaluable when setting up animations like moving texts or shapes along flat surfaces between two different perspectives without having any kind of background image mess things up

Fixed Fonts This technique makes sure the words always stay upright; you’ll never have backtracking issues again! It also means there won’t be any letter movement across pages: just white space where letters used to reside.