Quixel Announces The Largest Scan Resource Ever, Megascans

Quixel recently launched a beta for MegaScans, an all-inclusive subscription service that connects users with the world’s largest and ever-changing scans library. Touted as such because it contains thousands of scanned items from across various locations around globe; this standardized database has already been utilized by MPC in their work on “The Jungle Book” film adaptation!

The library has a huge collection of books that are all standardized. There is no need for any guesswork when searching because they have scanned every single one in their database!

Quixel announced a new line of tools to work with the physical scan library, Mega Scans Studio and Bridge. The software is easy for users who want an all-inclusive package that allows them mix materials from different sources in seconds without having any prior experience or expertise on how it works!

The beta unlocks a substantial part of the Megascans natural library, with more waves coming during the course of this experiment. It will include organic and hard-surface scans like fabric (cloth), bricks metal tiles Rubber Rust Wood etc., providing access not only for professionals in 3D scanning but also to all enthusiasts who are interested in exploring new worlds through their computer screens!


Mega-scans is the perfect way to make your scans available and searchable. The website offers a variety of subscription options, from $19 per month for hobbyists all the way up to $29 which accounts for freelancers in studio settings or indie teams that need access too their team’s work on deadline! They also provide new tools like virtual painting boards as part of this service at no cost if you sign up today!