Radeon ProRender for Blender | How To Convert From Cycles To Radeon Prorender


By djtutorials

By djtutorials

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basics of how to convert a scene from Cycles in order to use it with Radeon ProRender. We assume you have already installed and downloaded the add-on so don’t worry if not! In this video I cover the basics of lighting, glass and environment light. There are some complex topics too so if you find yourself stuck converting or need help getting started with conversions there’s plenty here for your educational needs!

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Jump to sections here:

UV Unwrap and Bake Out Complex Materials/Textures: 01:51
Preparing your file: 08:00
Scene Analysis: 08:50
Switching Render Engines: 10:45
Simple Materials Conversion: 13:05
Multi-Image Texture Conversion: 15:20
Adding HDRI or Environment Lighting: 20:48
Fixing Dark Diffuse Maps: 22:15
Metal Reflections: 23:00
Fluids and Glass Materials: 25:14
Metal Materials: 31:45
Converting Complex Materials: 34:35
Lighting: 44:20
IOR Reflections: 49:15

Hey, thanks again for subscribing! Please leave questions and comments below if you run into any issues. (It’s not a bad idea to UV unwrap your textures before submitting an inquiry).
I’m here to help but be patient – I check my emails every day of the year so just let me know what type of assistance is needed most urgently then give it all some time 🙂