Real Glow Offers Optically Correct Glow Effects In After Effects

A glow effect is a beautiful and captivating way to add some life into your design. It can also be one of those things that you don’t know you are missing out on, until they’re applied in real-time!

a glow aura generator which works on rules of optically correct light falloff

Real Glow is a new plugin for After Effects that creates realistic glows. It uses industry-proven methods and algorithms to give you the most natural-looking light effects possible, even on motion graphics projects!

In this article we will compare Real Glowing vs standard way of using glow in order demonstrate what makes one better than another .

To start off let’s take look at how both plugins work by examining setting up our project within two programs – Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 & Vegas 9 respectively For those unfamiliar with either program , they make excellent choices as each has been around long enough where there are plenty tutorials available online about getting started if needed but feel free.

Real Glow is a new and improved glow plugin for After Effects that uses optical properties of light to add realistic effects.

Real Glow offers realistic light falloff, multiple tint modes and operates in 6/32bit color space. The high color precision of RealGlow makes it perfect for preserving overbright values with the ability to give lifelike colors that look almost real!

Pricing and Availability

So, you’re looking for a new media effect? Check out Real Glow from now at an introductory price of 30% OFF until March 13th!