Realistic Hair, Brows, And Lashes With Maya Xgen

Watch 3D Sculptor, CG Artist Hadi Karimi create Realistic Hair, Brows, and Lashes With Maya xGen for his amazing Dua Lipa portrait.

3D Portraits that can fool the eye are all around us, but how do you create one of these realistic 3-dimensional looks without a lot of experience or technical skill? There’s more than just sculpting skills needed to make them. Knowledge about shaders and lighting is necessary too!

With those elements handled it becomes easier for any artist who wants their work on people’s faces as well as out in public spaces like museums where realism isn’t required so much anymore because we’re used enough now from photos being taken with good equipment by professionals doing their job right–and capturing what they need quickly before someone else does first.

Just sit back and watch how 3D Sculptor, CG Artist Hadi Karimi created the hair elements for his realistic Dua Lipa portrait. The work started with sculpting in Zbrush to create a base texture map from which he added details such as strands of yarn or individual hairs using Maya xGen tools before sending it off into other programs like Arnold where they’re built up layer-by-layer onto modelines that make them look more lifelike than ever!