Realistic Portraiture with Kris Costa

By Pixologic ZBrush

Realistic Portraiture with Kris Costa – #ZBrushSummit #ZBrushLIVE #ZBrush2018 #Pixologic #ZBrush

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The beauty of ZBrush is that there are many ways to provide solutions for design and model challenges. Kris will be demonstrating how he personally approaches realistic portraiture, down to the pore level. Kris is on a personal quest to achieve realism without relying on ready-made textures or photos, so he will be demonstrating his artistic abilities as he details and paints his textures by hand and from scratch, in the same way he created his recent realistic portraits.

0:00 Start
1:55 Overview
4:36 Clay Brushes in ZBrush
16:13 3D Dick Smith Portrait
25:31 UV Groups
31:18 Skin Detailing in ZBrush
52:30 Q & A with Kris Costa

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