Realtime Facial Animations (iClone AccuLips & Blender Eevee)

By Martin Klekner

I’ve always wanted to figure out facial animations and lipsync! Now, with iClone’s AccuLips tool for generating realistic movements from your voice clips it only took me hours. From the other tools in their software I was able to finish up my very first facial lip sync animation that will have people talking about what you’re saying online before they even say anything themselves
-ahem Mark Zuckerberg 🙂

Heroes of Bronze:
Reallusion Contest:
Blender CC3 Tools Addon:
CGBoost Environment Course:

00:00 – Intro and Character generation
02:24 – AccuLips
03:33 – Facial animation with LiveFace
05:00 – Export to Blender Eevee
06:36 – Outro & Reallusion contest