Recreate Lens Breathing For Better Focal Change

Lens breathing is the act of closing your eyelids and sticking out your tongue while taking deep breaths. It’s not just for people who are sad or bored, but it can happen at any time even if you’re contented with life!

The more you change your lens, the better. It’s like a game of mouse-stakes!

Along with many other special effects, lens breathing is used extensively in the movie “Lion King” to create a unique and realistic portrayal. Although you can replicate it using 3D software like Maya or Houdini Infinite – which will be more practical for designers – Yves Delva prefers that his compositors use traditional techniques because they have been proven time-and again as effective at replicating naturalistic imagery just by adding some light spill on top of footage captured from different angles.”

Djordje walks us through how to do this with The Foundry’s Nuke, but the effect can just as easily be done in After Effects or any other compositor. It’s silly a matter of manually zooming the image while focal change is happening; it doesn’t take much more than that!