Red Giant Announces A Rebuilt And Gpu Accelerated Magic Bullet Looks

Red Giant has announced new versions for Magic Bullet Looks, their tool to create looks and color correction in host applications such as After Effects, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks 2.5 at a glance

  • Speed increases of up to 95% on Windows® and more than 25% on Mac®.
  • Improved Looks Previewing: allows users to hover over Looks to preview the results.
  • Strength Slider: control the overall strength of your entire Look with an easy-to-use, keyframable slider.
  • LUT Tool: allows users to import .cube LUTs as well as 12 new LUT presets.
  • S-Curve Tool: makes it easy to add contrast without losing detail.
  • Better Custom Looks Management: makes it easier to share your Looks with other editors.

Completely rebuilt. GPU-Accelerated. New color correction tools. Free update

Magic Bullet Looks has been completely rewritten from the ground up, with a modern application- seeing speeds that have increased o 95%. The new update will offer some great color correction tools and better previewing of presets to keep your workflows efficient. You can also use MBL’s GPU acceleration functionality in this version!

Magic Bullet Looks and Universe

Red Giant announced the release of Magic Bullet Looks 2.5, a free update for current users of Looks and the Red Giant Color Suite

Red Giant has announced Universe, a new subscription-based effects development platform that offers access to an ever growing library of unique and talented visual effects. The same flexible GPU enhanced technology is used for Magic Bullet Looks which opens up big things in the future from Red Giants’ perspective as they continue improving their product offerings with every update released on this cutting edge tech!

“It might look mostly the same at first glance,” said Nate Sparks, Red Giant Color Suite product manager. “But what’s under this hood is brand-spanking new!” When users depend on their software every day in their work and it can’t keep up with all those demands? You know where things start getting dicey: The older technology holding us back took a toll last year when we reached out for help because Magic Bullet Looks had become too limiting relative to how modern video editing tools came together these days–especially as 4K resolution becomes more popular than HD.”

Don’t miss out on the brand new Magic Bullet Looks 2.5! You can download it for free, or learn more about its features by visiting mbl-updates here.

PluralEyes 3.5

Red Giant has announced a new version of PluralEyes, the company’s automated audio/video sync tool. The software automatically analyzes all devices and syncs them together with just one button click!

PluralEyes 3.5 offers a faster and more accurate video experience with Drift Correction, tool that can remove sync drift when the audio/video gets out-of-sync over longer clips – it even works for Plurals who don’t have an Accurate level of accuracy! In addition to this amazing new feature there are now expanded media support options available such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or Xsplit scenes; making life easier during production processes in movies & TV shows alike.

“One of the most interesting features for this release is a new option to span clips,” said Randon Morford, Product Manager at PluralEyes. “This feature will make it easier than ever before in terms or editing video right on your computer.”

PluralEyes 3.5 is a game changer for anyone who has been unsuccessfully trying to sync their footage because it’s too slow or inaccurate before! The improvements in Pluraleye 3 makes syncing much faster and more accurate than ever, so you can finally get back on set again without worrying about how many hours of work are lost while waiting around doing nothing but watching time tick by..

The new update also comes equipped with some handy features like being able send clips straight from Bullet Proof over into PLURALEYES during importation (which means no extra copies needed), better detection algorithms when scanning video files.

Pricing & Availability

PluralEyes 3.5 beta will be available soon, with a release in Q2 for $199. Existing users of Plural Eyes qualify for an upgrade price that’s just $79 when it ships out later this year! Customers who buy today (Mar 31) forward are eligible to get their free copy at the end of next month–pumped about seeing what we’ve been working on?

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About Red Giant

Red Giant is a software company made up of talented artists and technologists who work together to create unique tools for filmmakers, editors, VFX artists or motion designers. As an organization our culture emphasizes balance between creative pursuits with life – we call this “the double bottom line”- which has helped us develop personal philosophy focused on simplicity over complexity by building simple products that yield huge results in less time while avoiding confusion among users about where they should go next during their workflow process .

The Red Giant team’s combined experience in the field has led to an extensive line of tools for filmmakers, including Magic Bullet and Trapcode. It’s nearly impossible watch 20 minutes of TV today without seeing these programs being used by professionals working at top levels across every facet from production through post-production– industries like film or broadcast are constantly incorporating our software into their processes; we’re always watching how this evolves so you can learn about new techniques too!

Red Giant Announces A Rebuilt And Gpu Accelerated Magic Bullet Looks
Red Giant Announces A Rebuilt And Gpu Accelerated Magic Bullet Looks