Red Giant Universe 3.0 Is Here

Universe 3.0 shines with innovative new features that empower creative professionals to work more quickly and efficiently, including a powerful Dashboard for Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects; five brilliant text generation effects such as “Bold Text” and presets you can save your own!

Red Giant has introduced Universe 3.0, their latest video effects and transitions plugin update for motion graphics artists & editors! This exciting new release includes an all-new dashboard that makes adding presets easy as pie with five customizable text generation tools to help you create polished work quickly–even if it’s your first time editing in After Effects® or Premiere Pro® (which these tutorials will walk beginners through).

With the upcoming release of Universe 3.0, here are four things you should know: It’s time to upgrade!

The New Universe Dashboard is a cloud-based software application that provides an easy way for shops to track their expenses.

The new Universe Dashboard in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects makes it easy to explore the entire library of effects and presets. Users can save their favorite tools for later use, as well as find recently used ones with just a quick search! A modified version is available outside Creative Cloud too – perfect if you don’t have access or want an alternative way into all these great textures from one place

The updated “Universe” dockable dashboard found inside adobe premiere pro & after effect has been made more user friendly than ever before – now saving your most frequently accessed commands so they’re right at hand without having scroll through pages upon pages trying figure out what might work best.

The 5 All-New Text Generation Effects. A list of different text generation effects for your next project!

Red Giant Universe 3.0 includes five new customizable text effects, with a multitude of presets to help users get started!

  • With Type Cast, you can easily animate text properties like color and size by the word or character. Get started with our easy to use interface today!
  • Type On is the perfect way to create computer terminal-style type reveals. With tons of options for customization and randomization, this software will have you looking like a pro in no time!
  • Screen Text is the perfect way to create that old-school or modern computer terminal look. Just fill your screen with scrolling code and you’re good!
  • Hacker Text: The best way to simulate hacking is with Hacker Text. With many options for randomization and look, you can create animations of your text that will make it really challenging for anyone trying decrypt or encipher them! It’s easy-to use too – all the tools one needs are right on this webpage.
  • Text tile is the perfect way to generate data in any format you need for motion graphics and computer terminal effects. You can display information that will be static or animated, so get started today!


The new Dashboard in Red Giant Universe 3.0 lets you explore presets and save them with one click! There is also a “Save Preset” button for every effect, so now users can store their favorite settings on Adobe Creative Cloud apps or outside of it if they aren’t using CC applications at all (non-Adobe).

Universe 3.0 Pricing and Availability 

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Get Red Giant Universe 3.0

Red Giant Universe 3.0 is here, and it’s time to get creative! Use the power of this amazing software with all new features for an even more immersive experience than ever before-including live streaming capabilities so you can share your work wherever possible.

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Universe 3.0, the ultimate in creativity and productivity for any creative professional on a budget!

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Avid Media Composer
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Apple Motion
  • Magix Vegas
  • Hitfilm Pro

The Universe Compatibility page will help you to determine which version of the software is right for your computer.

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