Renamer For Maya Gets Even Better

Rocket Square adds a ton of new features to Renamer, including an out-of-the-way minimalist mode.

Erik Lehmann has taken the popular Maya renaming tool to another level with his updates. With version2, RS Renamer is now more powerful and easier for users on any skill level!

RS Renamer New Look, New Features.

Rocket Square has just released a ground-up overhaul on their renaming tool, RS Renamer. The interface is rehauled and new features have been added that’ll help you find what word or phrase fits your needs more easily than ever before!

“My main goal was to make sure that the tool could be used anywhere. To achieve this, I implemented an option for fully customized naming convention,” says Lehmann about version 2 he developed with “long-time partner” Oliver Azurdia from Mojang AB – creators of Minecraft.” It also features a new Minimalist Mode which keeps everything else out and leaves your interface alone so you can focus solely on what matters most: clicking+renaming objects!

That minimalist mode is so minimal, it’s entirely out of the way until you need to use it.

RS Renamer 2 Features:

  • Updated Compact interface with custom icons
  • New Preferences: customize the default naming convention
  • New Toggleable tool settings for a minimal workspace footprint
  • New Option to create Keyboard shortcuts
  • Updated Advanced Naming, Prefix, Suffix, and Search / Replace functions
  • Updated Character (Abc) and Numeric Padding with adjustable Start and Step options
  • Updated Many standard Pre- and Suffix presets (Customizable)
  • New Modifier shortcuts for quick access to standard presets
  • Updated Format text: Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize
  • Updated Conveniently Remove characters from start or end
  • Updated Automated processes:
  • 1. Name Group children
  • Updated 2. Auto Add Suffixes for Geometry / Groups / Curves within the scene
  • 3. Fix Duplicate Names within the scene
  • New 4. Fix Shape Names
  • New Material Tagging (Customizable Material list)
  • New Minimalist Mode: Created with Maya’s Expert Mode in mind – Access advanced naming, right where your focus is, with almost no workspace footprint!

Check out the latest additions, and get RS Renamer here.