Rendergarden: Have After Effects Use All Cores For Rendering

ToolFarm RenderGarden Lets You Quickly Improvise Use All Cores for Rendering or Create Small RenderFarms For After Effects

If you’re looking for a way to speed up your After Effects project, then look no further than RenderGarden. This new tool from Mekajiki will make sure that regardless of the number or machines rendered on in order save time and get that perfect end result!

RenderGarden Impromptu Rendering

For those who are looking to start a render farm, it can be challenging and time-consuming. However, if you have the right tools with your current knowledge of 3D graphics software then setting one up will not take too long! With RenderGarden being so easy for new users as well as experienced ones there is no reason why anyone should face these difficulties when working on large projects like movies or games that require many machines running simultaneously in order produce high quality results fast enough without waiting weeks (or months).

“We’re a small company and we didn’t want to purchase expensive equipment because that would be wasting money. So instead, I repurposed some custom code from our previous project at Swordfish Studios.” said Matt Silverman CEO of Mekajiki Animation Studio in New York City “The result was RenderGarden -a simple distributed rendering tool for After Effects users without access or funds on their own projects.”

“With this do-it yourself workflow solution,” he added “you can save time by offloading complicated tasks like high resolution renderings which use up all available processing power.

By using the RenderGarden software, you can split your project into segments (seeds) and render each section on a separate command line window. This way it is possible to maximize CPU cores in one computer or across multiple machines over network rendering- maximizing performance without compromising quality!

Incredible Speeds

The proof is in the render times, and RenderGarden shows significantly faster speeds. A project that took 50 minutes and 32 seconds to render was slashed down to only 15 minutes when using their service
This article discusses how tool farm’s median machine rendered time decreased by 3x with a new setting enabled: “LOD Distance.”

The Ae rendering tool features:

  • Render 2-3x faster with Hyper-threaded Rendering.
  • Maximize your Mac or PC’s CPU usage.
  • Render multiple frames simultaneously.
  • Render multiple comps in sequence or in parallel.

Network Rendering

  • Grid multiple computers together on your network.
  • Render QuickTime/AVI Movies or Image Sequences.
  • Hyper-threaded Rendering supported on each render node.
  • Easy to set up. No custom scripting or network config.
  • Unlimited Render Node licensing.

Background Rendering

  • Continue working in After Effects while your comps render in the background.
  • Option for Post-Render transcoding to MP4 and/or QT.
  • Render multiple comps in sequence or in parallel.

Unlimited Render Nodes Licensing

With RenderGarden’s After Effects script for submitting renders, you can submit your work on one computer and have it automatically picked up by another. There are no extra fees per node used in the rendering process – just install our Gardener application onto any number of computers that will be running background tasks or nested programs simultaneously without affecting performance!

Pricing and Availability

This year, Toolfarm is celebrating their 10th anniversary! To celebrate this momentous occasion they’ve launched the RenderGarden competition. Ten lucky winners will receive $1000 in Artistic License Credits and one grand prize winner who takes home all ten keys can redeem them at any time for $2500 worth of content.